Petal Back Clothing is Bariatric nightwear range is designed to maximize dignity and comfort, when hospital or facility care is needed.

The range was developed with the guidance of AusBig and other health care professionals.

Features of the new range include:

- Purpose designed nightwear with no hard edges or fasteners to damage skin.
- Petal Back is unique closure mechanism that opens from the back and slides up the arms then over the head (allowing those in care to be dressed in a seated or lying position).
- Durable but still attractive designs that can withstand industrial laundering.

Sizes Available:
Bariatric 1 (150kg+)
Bariatric 2 (250kg+)
Bariatric 3 (350kg+)


Product Codes:

ACPB-BNW1 - Size 1

ACPB-BNW2- Size 2

ACPB-BNW3 - Size 3

Qty available: 0 SKU: ACPB-BNW1-RB
Unisex Bariatric Nightshirt

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