Silicone Adhesive Tape - Sil-Fixx

Silicone Adhesive Tape - Sil-Fixx

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Size: 2cm x 1.5m Roll 

Soft and pliable, it will not damage and disrupt any skin layers. Patent design allows tearing the desired length without compromising the tape strength

Excellent adhesive property, waterproof, higher skin adhesive power - the corners don’t peel off once applied when immersed in water, as compared to existing paper blended/non-woven based silicone tape

Higher conforming property due to PU backing as compared to existing tapes

Sil-fixx can be reapplied without losing the adhesiveness, no hair removal, no residue


  • Very sensitive skin: Neonates and Geriatric patients. Suitable on damaged skin such as Dialysis, Chemotherapy and Radiography patients, thanks to its gentle and non-striping properties
  • All types of fixation e.g. IV, Cannula, tubes, electrodes etc.
  • Use as skin protection to prevent sores