Shear Protection - Pair

Shear Protection - Pair

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Shear Protection has been designed to help maintain skin integrity in the elderly and those most ‘at risk’ from compromising skin conditions.

Some facts to be considered when choosing products to assist with skin management.


  • Dermis loses 80% of its original thickness. 40% less Collagen.
  • Sebum and sweat production is reduced.
  • Epidermal layer separates more easily from the dermis.
  • Elastin fibres decrease in number but increase in size rendering skin stiff and inelastic.
  • Small blood vessels diminish by 40%.


  • Use pH balanced soap alternatives e.g. (PERI FOAM CLEANSER)
  • Shower every second day, with warm not hot water.
  • Apply perfume free, low preservative moisturisers.
  • Apply protective devices to those at risk.


  • Blend of natural & synthetic fibres (Cotton, Nylon & Lycra).
  • Cost Effective – saving time in application.
  • Gives protection against friction to vulnerable limbs.
  • Aids in patient comfort.
  • Wicks away moisture and prevents maceration.
  • Hygienic – can be washed.
  • Sealed ends to prevent fraying.
  • Machine washable on medium cycle.


  • Extra Small – Suits arm & small leg. Length 30cm, Circumference 14cm.
  • Small – Suits arm and small leg. Length 40cm, Circumference 18cm.
  • Medium – Suits average lower leg. Length 50cm, Circumference 20cm.
  • Large – Full leg length. Length 60cm, Circumference 24cm.

Product Code: PCBA-SP

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