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The wrist is a complex joint consisting of the bones of the lower arm (radius and ulna) and the carpal bones. Wrist injuries can be classified in two groups.

Acute injuries generally occur as a result of a fall or a collision with another player or an object. The injury is caused by the straining or twisting, the impact or the ‘bending double’ of the wrist. The most common symptoms are acutely occurring pain, swelling and reduced mobility the wrist. The pain is caused by the damage to the tissue around the wrist. Following the correct treatment, these problems generally disappear.

Wearing a PSB Wrist Support can help to stabilise the wrist, enabling the damaged tissue to recover. The brace or support can also be worn outside sport, in the immediate aftermath of the injury.

Product Information

  • Easy to apply yourself
  • Through the sophisticated construction of the bands, the brace provides support where it is needed and leaves you free where possible
  • The brace feels very comfortable
  • Should be used to prevent wrist injuries
  • Worn in case of wrist pain
  • Worn in case of increased motility of the wrist

How to measure your size:

The PSB Wrist Support is available in 1 size and a left or right version.

How to put on the PSB Wrist Support:

  • Use the thumb loop for easy application
  • Tighten for desired pressure



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PSB Wrist Support
$11.75 $23.50

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