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Due to its construction and function, the knee joint is a joint susceptible to damage. The knee joint consists of a large bone (the femur) in the upper leg and the shin bone (tibia) and calf bone (fibula) in the lower leg. To ensure a better joint between the bones of the lower leg and the upper leg, two menisci are located between the two halves of the leg. An inner (medial) and an outer (lateral) meniscus. The menisci are made from cartilage and as well as a control function, also have an important task in shock absorbance.

An acute injury to the knee occurs generally as a result of an uncontrolled movement (as a result of which the coordination between the upper leg and the lower leg fails to function), a collision with another player, or a fall. In any of these events, the ligaments and/or menisci may be damaged. Such injuries must always be examined by a sport physiotherapist, sport physician and/or orthopaedic specialist.

Product Information

  • Higher stability through compression around the knee joint
  • A pelota supports the patella; this serves to alleviate pain
  • Good balance between stabilising and moving
  • No movement restriction
  • Silicone strips keep the brace properly in place
  • Should be used to prevent (primary and secondary) knee injury
  • Worn in case of patella complaints
  • Worn in case of knee ligament complaints
  • Worn if you experience a feeling of instability

How to measure your size:

The PSB Knee Brace is available in 4 sizes, universal for left and right. For the correct size, measure around the lower leg, just below the knee.



How to put on the PSB Knee Brace:

  • Loosen the hook & loop fastener
  • Place the cushion right under the knee ligament
  • Tighten powernet for desired pressure


Product Codes:

Small: RHNE-8303001-EA

Medium: RHNE-8303002-EA

Large: RHNE-8303003-EA

XLarge: RHNE-8303004-EA

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