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The ankle joint is subjected to considerable loads. The ankle joint consists of 2 joints: the upper and the lower tarsal joint. Together, these two joints facilitate the movement of the ankle. The ankle is kept in the desired position by the capsula (supported by the ankle tendons) and a number of muscles.

The acute ankle injury is the most commonly occurring sport injury. To prevent recurrence or worsening of an ankle injury, it has been scientifically proven that wearing an ankle brace or tape is worthwhile.

An overuse injury is caused because the burden to which the ankle joint is exposed is greater than the level of load the ankle joint can cope with. Overburdening of the ankle joint often occurs as a result of the residual symptoms following an earlier twisting of the ankle. Capsula and ligaments may have been permanently stretched as a result of the twisting. Without the correct exercise therapy and adequate protection (a brace), this can lead to overuse complaints. In addition, the cartilage may have been permanently damaged. As a result, the sportsman or woman has less shock absorbance, so the ankle is less able to withstand loading. This means that after sport, the ankle requires longer recovery times.

Product Information

  • Offers the ankle joint the required support
  • Intelligent band construction, which effectively stops the see-saw motion of the ankle (inversion)
  • Does not hinder normal movements
  • Fits well in sports shoes and combines with shin pads
  • Should be worn in the event of ankle instability
  • Worn to prevent repeated lateral ankle ligament injury
  • Worn to support recovery following injury

How to measure your size:


The PSB Ankle Brace is available for both left and right ankle. For the correct size, measure the entire circumference of the instep, across the instep and around the back of the heel.


How to put on the PSB Ankle Brace:


  • Loosen all straps
  • Make sure the rigid element does not press on the ankle knuckle.
  • Close the straps
  • Tighten powernet for desired pressure.


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PSB Ankle Brace
$37.25 $74.50

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