The unique "Petal Back" design of the garments allow quick and easy dressing and undressing.

  • Petal Back Clothing slides over the head and folds at the back for complete dignity
  • No Hook & Loop, No Studs, and No Buttons that may scratch or damage delicate skin
  • No lifting is neccessary - easing pain and suffering for both the wearer and the carer
  • Durable, high quality fabrics that are soft on skin yet able to withstand industrial laundering
  • Affordable prices

Petal Back is specifically designed to promote comfort and dignity for the wearer - whether they be frail, elderly or disabled and practicality and well being for nurses and carers.


Our garments are generously sized to ensure our Petal back Styles need little or no movement of the arms, elbows or shoulders when being dressed and undressed. WHEN CHOOSING THE SIZE, IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT EXTRA ROOM HAS BEEN BUILT INTO ALL OUR SIZES SO THE GARMENT CAN EASILY SLIDE UP THE ARMS AND OVER THE HEAD. You do not need to purchase a larger size than usually worn.

Petal Back Small Medium Large Extra Large
Australia 14-16 16-18 20-22 24-26
USA/Canada 36 36-38 40-42 42-44
Europe 87 91-97 102-107 107-112
UK 36 36-38 40-42 42-44


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Petal Back Men's Night Shirt Long Sleeve

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