Hookless Shower Curtain - Each

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No more torn curtains, missing, unattached or broken rings... just a beautiful Hookless shower curtain pleating back and forth across the shower bar.

With the patented split ring design built directly into the product, the Hookless shower curtain has revolutionised the shower curtain market. The unique design brings to an end the chances of broken or missing rings that cause outdated shower curtains to hang unattractively.

Available in a range of colours and designs together with a strong textile performance base and mildew inhibiting elements, the Hookless shower curtain suits every application.

The Hookless shower curtain will turn your number one commodity into a first class feature!


Available in white and beige in a range of designs to suit every application.


Designs include Plain Weave, Embossed Moire, Englewood and Litchfield.


100% Polyester including mildew inhibiting elements, water repellency, ultrasonically cut bottom hew to aovid mildew build up and magnets at the bottom of each corner.


Available in 2 lengths:

  • 180 cm wide x 188 cm long
  • 180 cm wide x 196 cm long

Product Code: OHMA-SC

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