HipSaver Slim Fit High Compliance (Female)

  • $99.00

Designed for optimum style and comfort, HipSaver Slim Fit looks good, feels good and pulls on just like regular underwear. It's ideal for elders who are fashion conscious, active, or prefer a longer leg length in their undergarment. HipSaver Slim Fit can accommodate an incontinence pad and is ideal for walking, golf, tennis, skiing and other sports. The male version features a built in fly front. This High Compliance model comes with the Hip protecting pads permanently sewn in.

Features and Benefits:


  • Independent biomechanical testing results
  • Independent clinical study results
  • Proper coverage of pads over trochanter (Hip)


  • Thin, tapered pads
  • Soft, breathable fabrics
  • No latex


  • Choice of five full sizes (Larger sizes available upon request)
  • Fits over diapers Accommodates incontinence pads and liners


  • Machine wash and tumble dry
  • Laundry safe to 95 degrees celsius (high-level infection control)


Measure around the widest part of the hips over any incontinence product if applicable.

  • X-Small: 70cm - 81cm
  • Small: 82cm - 92cm
  • Medium: 93cm - 102cm
  • Large: 103cm - 114cm
  • X-Large: 115cm - 127cm

Product Code: FPHS-SFHC-F

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