The First Wearable Airbag Hip Protector

How does it work?

HIP’SAFE is the first device that used airbag technology to prevent hip fractures and help seniors keep their mobility and freedom.

Developed by a team of Engineers; a complex electronic system and algorithm that analyze people’s motion in context. When a fall is detected, both airbags deploy automatically above the hips before ground impact and ensure optimal protection.


-Analyses and follows motion in context

-Fall detection time:  200ms

-Airbag inflation time: 80ms

-Optimal protection before ground impact

Sizing (Waistline):

XSmall: 65 – 75cm

Small: 70 90cm

Medium: 85 100cm

Large: 95 – 115cm

XLarge: 110 – 125cm

Qty available: 0 SKU: FPMM-HIPS-XS
Hip'Safe - Airbag for Seniors

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