GEL-eze - Heel & Ankle Protectors

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  • Lightweight, two way stretch sleeve with Mineral Oil-based Gel pads providing gentle protection.
  • GEL-eze ® protective sleeves provide cushioning for HEELS & ANKLES
  • Flexibility for conforming easily to bony areas of the body, such as HEELS & ANKLES
  • Help in reducing skin break down and shear force injuries
  • Low profile moulded gel heel cup is designed for use with footwear
  • The M-Gels used in GEL-eze ® products are 100% medical grade, non-allergenic mineral oil-based visco-elastic compounds.


Measure circumference approximately 10cm above the ankle

Small-Medium 16-30cm

Large/X Large 18-36cm

GEL-EZE® suggested usage & care instructions

This product can be worn for up to 12 hours in any 24 hour period.

  • Single user only
  • After each use, hand wash only using warm water and mild detergent
  • Drip dry, do not wring, twist, tumble dry or dry in direct sunlight. Do not bleach. Do not iron.
  • Gel pads should be inspected regularly and should not be used if damaged
  • Should not be worn on damaged / broken skin
  • Discontinue use if any sign of skin irritation occurs

Product Code: PCBA-GEZE