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DermaSaver Relevator Heel Elevator

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DermaSaver Relevator Heel Elevators have been designed to elevate the heel and cover and protect both Malleoli, the bony prominences on either side of the ankle. DermaSaver Heel Elevators are anatomically contoured and are more comfortable that other types of heel elevators. They are soft and stretchy and have a comfort ensuring 'give'. One size fits all.

Microfilaments flex to reduce pressure on bony prominences such as the heel, elbow, vertebra and trochanter and to protect arms and legs from bumps and other traumas that cause skin tears and bruises. DermaSaver SkinTubes are made of two layers of MicroSpring Textile using 8000 microfilaments per square inch to act as mini pressure reducing springs. DermaSaver pressure reduction products have up to 20 thousand microfilaments per square inch.

This product will withstand the institution high drying temperatures. The relevator heel elevator is designed to be worn by persons while laying down. Persons who raise their knees and have their foot flat on the bed will not benefit from the relevator. Check each individual for proper fit and applicability of this product.

Two inches of contoured, cushy polyfil covered by MicroSpring textile lift the heel in total comfort. Full circle coverage provides consistent elevation during movement. One-piece, slip-on with no fasteners, also covers both malleoli. Fits loosely yet will not fall off. Durable and institution launderable for economical repeated long-term and non patient-specific use. Replaces bed pillow elevation.

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One size fits all.


Product Code: PCHS-DSHE