Two layers of soft, lightweight MicroSpring textile™ form a loose-fitting tube that stays in place to protect fragile skin from pressure, friction and minor traumas that result in tears, bruising and minor abrasions. Unlike traditional fabric sleeves, which are tight and binding, the layers of microfilaments allow air-flow and moisture transfer. Simply slip the tube over the arm, there are no hook and loop fasteners or tight fitting spandex. The narrower end of the tube gently rests on the wrist to keep it from falling off. the cross microfilaments in the MicroSpring textile allows these soft tubes to be self-supporting - they won’t slip down or bunch up.


  • Product fits right and stays positioned on the desired area
  • Smooth fine fibre knit surface yarns to reduce friction and shear
  • Soft & cushy product with the same resilience of skin (Indentation load deflection)
  • Antimicrobial properties Does not adhere to wounds
  • Breathable fabric that does not trap moisture
  • Totally launderable


Size Guide:

Measure around widest part of forearm.

XS: 13cm - 18cm

SM: 18cm - 25cm

MD: 25cm - 30cm

LG: 30cm - 38cm

XL: 38cm - 46cm


Product Code: PCHS-DSFT


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