Armex - Collar and Cuff Support

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Special support for immobilised arms. Recommended by professionals in traumatology for use as a sling to support arms immobilised in plaster or by other means, plastic, splints, compression bandages, etc. It is a sheet of “polyester foam” 5 x 1 x 100 cm, covered on both sides with a knitted velvety fabric of 100% polyamide, soft to the touch to avoid abrasions to the skin and which, with its special characteristics, adheres to the hook and loop fastener over the whole of the surface.


Easy to use

Applying ARMEX is quick and simple. Put the hand through the loop made by the ring and adjust at the wrist, then place the other and around the neck and fasten using the hook & loop fastener.


The foam padding reduces pressure on the neck. The fabric cover prevents abrasions, while its special characteristics enable it to adhere to hook & loop, thus making the ARMEX support adaptable to any patient.


Its laminated structure means it can withstand repeated washes.


Technical Specfications:

Covering: Velour fabric in 100% polyamide fibre 25%
Nucleus: Sheet of 100% polyester foam 75%
Fastening element Hook and loop fastener
Adaptation element Plastic ring
Lengthwise elasticity 8%
Transverse elasticity Inappreciable








Product Code: RHLM-50502-EA