Statina Healthcare Australia was established in 1998 to provide Fire Evacuation products to the Australian hospital and nursing home markets.

It quickly became obvious that there was also a growing need for better Manual Handling products in this same market area. Around this time, some facilities were starting to use Slide Sheets, rather than Draw Sheets, to reduce the friction between the patient and the bed and therefore make it easier for the carers to transfer and reposition patients in bed. Also at this time, the number of larger Bariatric patients presenting at hospitals was also increasing. This presented yet another Manual Handling problem for staff as the traditional Draw Sheet and new Slide Sheet were not able to cope well with the larger patients. In 2000, Statina Healthcare Australia introduced the HoverMatt to the Australian Market. The HoverMatt is able to transfer and reposition patients up to 544kg with minimal risk to carers.

Since 2000, Statina has introduced numerous products to assist in the care and management of larger patients including the HoverJack, the Shuttle Transit Chair,  Bariatric Wheelchairs, Commodes, Walkers and more. Most recently, we have introduced several ranges of Post Surgical garments for the cosmetic surgery industry.

All of these products can be found detailed on this web site and more information is available by contacting our office on 1300 365 404.


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