Corsinel Maximum Support Underwear Male, Low, Boxer

  • $155.00

Compression garment specially designed to support a parastomal bulge as a result of a stoma.

The strong upper part of Corsinel underwear supports the hernia and the lower part is in a softer material that makes the garment easy to put on.

Designed as regular underwear.

Comfortable to wear and supportive fit.


Does not contain latex.

How to choose your size:

  1. Select your Corsinel waist height by hernia position and personal preference.
  2. Lie down and measure waist size around the widest part of the bulge. Some people prefer a tighter garment, others a little looser.
  3. Select size from the range below:

Male Sizing Chart

Product Code:

PSTY-314750-MLSM - Small
PSTY-314750-MLMD - Medium
PSTY-314750-MLLG - Large
PSTY-314750-MLXL - XLarge

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