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At the front of the knee is the kneecap or patella. The kneecap is embedded in the tendon of the knee’s large extensor. The bones of the upper and lower leg are held together by the capsula on the inside and outside, supported by ligaments (inner = medial collateral ligament) (outer = lateral collateral ligament). Right at the centre of the joint, the upper and lower leg are held together by the cruciate ligaments.

An acute injury to the knee occurs generally as a result of an uncontrolled movement (as a result of which the coordination between the upper leg and the lower leg fails to function), a collision with another player, or a fall. In any of these events, the ligaments and/or menisci may be damaged. Such injuries must always be examined by a sport physiotherapist, sport physician and/or orthopaedic specialist.

Pain around and behind the kneecap without any clear damage to the tendon tissue, the bone and cartilage is common. The overburdening of the muscle and tendon attachments is one of the possible causes for pain around the kneecap. Overloading of the tendon at the underside of the kneecap is often known as ‘jumpers knee’. If the pain is localised more behind the kneecap, this is described as a patellofemoral pain syndrome. The cause is more likely to be the functioning of the kneecap. The possible causes of this are diverse. Poor sport shoes, a congenital defect, poorly structured training, excessive jumping, hard (non-absorbent) surface are just a few of the many possible causes.

For the correct diagnosis, it is worthwhile to visit a sport physiotherapist and/or sport physician. A PSB patella brace can considerably reduce the perceived pain.


Product Information

  • Supports the patellar ligament (hamstring)
  • Gives the hamstring the necessary rest for overloading complaints such as Jumper’s Knee (painful adhesion of the tendon to the underside of the knee ligament)
  • Depending on the complaints, the individual pressure can be adjusted using the elastic band
  • Should be worn in case of overloading complaints of the hamstring
  • Worn in cases of Jumper’s Knee
  • Worn for patellofemoral complaints


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PSB Patella Brace
$11.75 $23.50

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