A person who has fallen and can not get up again is raised comfortably up to a sitting or almost standing position in a way that supports the entire body throughout the process and taking into account the importance of being helped up in a dignified and safe way. Liftup has cooperated with a partner in design and innovation to achieve the exclusive expression of the Raizer. All the materials are carefully selected with focus on stability and durability and in consideration of both helper and the fallen.


  • Mobile chair for transfer from floor to a sitting or standing position
  • Minimal physical effort for the assistant of the fallen person and the assistant can feel comfortable and safe in the process
  • Easy to transport in 2 light bags
  • Assembly prior to operation: max 3 minutes
  • Cleaning-friendly
  • CE-marking

Technical Specifications:

  • Lifting capacity: Max.150kg
  • Lifting time: 20-30 secs
  • Weight: Seat 9 kg, legs and back rest 4kg.– total13kg
  • Charger (2 pcs.): Soniel12V. 100-240V and 12 Vcar adapter
  • Number of lifts on a full charge: 40 with a max.load and approx. 100 with an average load
  • Charging time : Maximum of 6 hours


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Raizer Lifting Chair

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