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The thumb has a special function during ball sports in controlling your movements, both when catching and throwing and shooting. (The thumb is used to secure the grip/catch the ball: “thumbs behind the ball!”). The position and structure of the thumb is special, in comparison with that of the other fingers. The thumb joint is located next to and opposite the other bones in the hand, and demonstrates exceptional mobility.

An acute injury is generally caused as a result of a fall or a collision with another player or the ball. The injury is caused by the overstretching or the ‘bending backwards’ of the thumb. Moving the thumb is particularly painful. Bruising occurs and swelling of the thenar. In the event of a tear, the pain and swelling increase and there is more instability.

Wearing a PSB thumb brace can help to stabilise the thumb, offering the damaged tissue a chance to recover. The brace can also be worn outside sport, in the immediate aftermath of the injury.

Product Information

  • Thumb functioning remains optimal
  • No restriction of hand functioning
  • Easy to apply yourself
  • Should be worn when there is a play in the joint (MCP I) as a result of an injury to the inside of the thumb
  • Should be used to protect against repeat injury


How to measure your size:

The PSB Thumb Brace is available in 3 sizes and a left and right version. For the correct size, measure around the middle hand, below the lower finger knuckles.



How to put on the PSB Thumb Brace:

  • Position the thumb cap properly over the thumb, so that it fits correctly.
  • Place the little finger in the little finger loop
  • Adjust straps for correct thumb positioning




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PSB Thumb Brace
$23.75 $47.50

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